Ostelzzz: Capsule Hostel + Social Platform: To All of You, Modern Travelers

A new concept of hospitality has reached Milan: it is called Ostelzzz and is made up of cabins, “Zzzzleepandgo” (start-up launched in 2014 by the same creators of this new project), already installed in Malpensa and Orio Al Serio airports.

Let’s talk about capsule hostels first. Developed in Japan 39 years ago, they were brought to Europe not too long ago -the first opened up in Belgium in 2014- and they are to provide a cheap and basic overnight staying for budget travelers (or passengers who missed their flight).

Don’t picture them as tiny pods deprived of all amenities: today’s capsule ho(s)tels are modern, stylish and have all kinds of extras.

Now imagine yourself as the typical mid-20s solo on-a-budget traveler; the 4 criteria below should be those you keep in mind when searching for accommodation:

What Ostelzzz offers is a fresh (and possibly successful) formula for satisfying all 4:

1) FUN. Aka social interaction. You certainly want to meet new people and make friends when traveling, but it might be hard. Ostelzzz has created an internal social platformto connect all customers so they can easily meet each other and organize activities together.

2) PRIVACY. Of course you want and need your own self-space. The multifunctional structure of each cabin increases the privacy with respect to the standard hostel.

3) SAFETY. Being robbed is never nice. Security is granted by a webcam which is turned on when the capsule is not occupied: it takes pictures before and after every entrance and observe suspicious objects.

4) CHEAP PRICES. It is every traveler’s dream to combine affordable prices with a good quality of the accommodation. Although until now we have no info available about its cost.

What we know is that you will be able to sleep in one of these capsules in Milan by the end of April: 1100 squared meters, 5 floors and 100 hi-tech cabins located on Giorgio Juan street, between Porta Venezia and Piazza Lima. The next steps will be Venice, Verona and Turin, with a possible further expansion to other European cities (mainly in common backpackers destinations such as Barcelona, Berlin, London and Amsterdam).

While you could argue about feeling like bee in its beehive (the single cabins are named “Honeycomb”), all of the necessary foundations have been laid for a step forward in the hospitality sector.

Silvia Ersetti

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