In-Company Workshop: Accenture ACIN Lab

Over the years, technology and innovation have been the drivers of astounding progress, to the point of being able to create things that once seemed impossible. Nowadays, this development proceeds undeterred and we are all asking ourselves what the future has in store for us.

How will the digital world make our life easier?

At Accenture, the boundary between fantasy and reality is so subtle that it almost seems nonexistent.

On November 6th, following our collaboration with SDA Bocconi and Professor Pasini, the partnership between BSI and Accenture continued at their ACIN offices in Milan. We had the opportunity of taking a glimpse into the future of customer experience as well as a brief overview of the process Accenture uses for project development. Furthermore, it allowed our consulting team to kick off our mentorship with Accenture, where its consultants help us on our projects providing us with knowledge, tools and suggestions thanks to their valuable experience.

This is precisely what the Accenture Customer Innovation Network (ACIN) deals with: understanding what customers want in order to turn it into a reality. Here, experts study consumer habits and market trends, monitoring behaviours with the most advanced technologies and turning them into a tangible experience for customers. In this creative and stimulating environment. Accenture helps clients to generate new ideas, making prototypes and testing them with consumers. At the end of this project development approach, they go back to the beginning and continuously try to improve their idea. To make all of this happen, Accenture uses three simulating rooms focused on Fashion, Retail and CPG. Here, work and fun meet, providing a unique experience by allowing people to take a leap into the future.

The first room we visited was an automated home where people are able do the housework using voice commands, do the shopping by accepting the suggestions displayed on a refrigerator or send digital orders to the supermarket through an application. It is also possible to read recipes on the fridge displays and thanks to Amazon Key, couriers can deliver your packages directly into your home in all safety.

The second ambient recreates that of a supermarket, where shopping carts (through the scan of a personal QR code) recognise our shopping list and, according to preferences and special offers, suggests the brands that suit us the most. Moreover, the order for heavier and bulky products (such as water or detergents) is made through a screen and the customer will find the package at the exit of the store. Within the supermarket, customers’ behaviours and emotions are analysed to further improve customer experience.

The third room is focused on fashion, specifically on how to improve the retail shopping experience. Since people still want to touch and feel the clothes they buy, it is crucial to find digital ideas to revolutionise shops. Here, we can find a 3D projector, a touch screen for customised items and tools that inform that shopping assistant about your previous purchases, to better understand your style and target the needs of every customer.

Once again, BSI organised an activity that was able to bring together all of the team and enrich us with a hands-on experience. It gave us new perspectives and tools to work with on our own exciting projects, but also a chance to spend time together and keep growing as a team.

Sara Milocco

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