How Enterprise Companies are Changing Recruitment with AI

Undoubtedly, the use of AI is  radically changing the way of doing business. The core of this innovation relies on the following question: “Are we ready to see AI prevailing even in those sectors where human factors have always been fundamental?”

Over the years, the adoption of AI in recruiting has increased and even though,in the beginning, its introduction wasn’t welcomed, it has greatly improved the hiring process. Those who once were against its introduction were afraid that new technologies could substitute the jobs of HR departments and make the process overly robotic, thus losing the “human” aspects that characterize employees and employers interactions. 

Evidence has shown that this isn’t the case; in fact, according to a survey , almost seventy percent of the talent-acquisition professionals have been able to hire greater quality candidates thanks to AI. They suggest the innovation should be seen as a complementary element rather than a substitute, and this explains where the efficiency and the decrease in costs come from.

A chatbot-software company named Jobpal provides solutions through the use of any of the popular messaging platforms by creating software that ensures better customer engagement so that potential employees can receive continuous assistance and immediate replies. 

Additionally, companies like Ideal suggest algorithms that screen resumes and determine candidate suitability with the requirements needed so that the most retainable talents are bought on board. TopDevz company saw in AI an opportunity to create an interview platform that is shared with decision-makers who can review and look for verbal answers through key words. Finally, the crucial step is  personality testing. Everybody knows soft skills are as important as technical skills, that is why recruiters look for great personalities and unique characteristics that are critical to an employee’s success on the job. Up until now employers’ intuition has played a major role in this step which is good and bad at the same time: on one hand good communication is the best tool to understand interviewees,on the other hand, recruiters won’t ever be completely sure about what they hear from them. Humantic is now changing the narrative enabling companies to organize personality tests,  this way applicants are forced to put in practice their skills and give the employers the possibility to make better hiring decisions. 

AI relieves most of the stress and enables human recruiters to focus on important aspects such as interviews and assessment, this saves a lot of time ensuring a more efficient recruitment process. The biggest challenge hiring managers have to face is finding the right candidate: AI makes it possible.      

Kalkidan Veronesi

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