Innovation in Quarantine: How can 3D printers save lives?

As we lose count of how many days have passed since the beginning of quarantine, each one of us is trying to find different methods of being productive at home. Two Italian Engineers from Isinnova, an Italian Engineering startup, brought their ideas into the solution that have saved people’s lives. Christina Fracassi and Alessandro Romaioli showed that innovation can help in times of trial such as the present one, creativity can be limitless even  in quarantine!

They heard from the nearby hospital in Brescia, northern Italy, that there is a shortage of valves for the ventilator machines which provide the patients with the required oxygen during their treatment for COVID-19. The five years old, earthquake sensor, silicone badge maker company found itself helping the original company producing the valves as they couldn’t meet the growing demand. In six hours two engineers went to the hospital and observed the valves, which connect the patient to the breathing machine. Afterward, they went back to their office and after several tries, they managed to create a prototype using a 3D printer.

The day after, the valve was tested in the hospital and they were requested to make 100 more. As the pandemic strains global supply chains for critical medical products, the team is willing to share their design. Now they are working on different solutions that might work for both patients and doctors, such as finding innovative ways of making new masks.  

The good news is that the wait for the arrival of new products made by 3D printers is not long. In recent days, 3D printing companies started producing medical-quality face shields for health personnel and their production is being held in most of the countries. A 3D printing analyst, created an online Emergency AM Forum with 3D printing companies and investors to help hospitals even more. Furthermore, from companies to school clubs who own a 3D printer started announcing that they would be collaborating with hospitals when needed and they are more than happy to use their resources fully to commit to producing health care materıails in the fight with the pandemic.

The initiators of this innovation proved to us that in a moment of crisis, it is possible to find a personal way to help people around you.This time, an innovation from a small entrepreneurial company has saved uncountable lives.

Check this startup firm’s website:

Lara Deniz

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