KiriCoin: The New Virtual ”Green” Coin

KiriCoin is the new virtual coin created by Stellantis Group together with the start-up Kiri Technologies to award customers who choose to opt for sustainable mobility through the new electric Fiat 500.

The KiriCoins are assigned to customers that purchase the new electric Fiat 500 and that follow a good driving conduct. Each KiriCoin has a value of €2 cents and can be used in the dedicated marketplace.

Fiat 500 owners will be able to control their balance of KiriCoin anytime on the Fiat app, that will allow them to spend their KiriCoins on several gadgets.

Through the app, KiriCoins owners will be able to purchase discount codes for different products that can be used on the website of the brand for which the discount code has been bought.

Kiri’s goal is to push consumers towards a more sustainable consumption thanks to this reward system. The key concept is that the more kilometres you drive, the more KiriCoins you gain. On average, the gain is of one Kiricoin per kilometer. A software will compute both the number of kilometres driven and the driving style and will finally calculate the number of KiriCoins assigned to the driver. These KiriCoins will then be directly downloaded on the app and will be ready to use.

Moreover, Fiat has thought of more rewards for those customers that will have obtained the best sustainability scores. In the 13 principal European Countries, the customers with the best scores will be able to access prizes offered by partners like Amazon, Apple, Spotify and Zalando.

This kind of initiative and the use of KiriCoins could be extended in the future to other sustainable behaviours like the use of renewable energy and, more in general, the consumption of sustainable products.

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