SME: Can Ai Bring Italian SME Into The Future (Vedrai)

Today, the application of AI in companies represents a strategic and competitive lever.

AI in its various forms can improve the productivity and performance of companies thanks to the automation of processes and activities with lower margins of errors, also affecting economic results. AI tools are, therefore, becoming essential for companies to remain competitive.

There are different sectors (banking, insurance, automotive, energy …), areas of application and advantages that a company derives from their application: automating repetitive activities, saving time, analyzing information, predicting results, reducing margins of error…

The implementation of AI in small to medium-sized enterprises represents a potentially winning investment. The first step for a company consists of understanding what to use Artificial Intelligence tools for and what it needs to develop and apply them correctly, identifying the scope, the area of ​​expertise and the aspects of the business to improve with AI. There are many sectors in which they resulted useful and successful and there are several initiatives in the AI ​​field that can be introduced, with different degrees of complexity and consequent need for costs and infrastructures. In order for them to be effective, the company must have specialized figures who deal with them adequately. In general, it’s important that the whole company is involved and aware of the functioning of the new technologies introduced, of their benefits and risks.

In the complex transition to an increasingly digitized ecosystem, it may therefore be necessary for small-medium enterprises to rely on external consultancy services in the collection, processing and interpretation of data through AI.

This is what Vedrai does. It’s the startup founded by Michele Grazioli in September 2020 and recognized by CIO Applications as one of the top 10 AI companies in Europe. Vedrai deals, through artificial intelligence and the development of virtual platforms, with helping companies in data collection and in predicting the impact of business decisions. Vedrai’s goal is, specifically, to bring artificial intelligence systems and forecasting tools to SMEs, to ensure their survival through an innovative tool. The startup’s software, accepting a large amount of data, compares the relevant variables to understand company performance and the impact of a decision on revenues, EBITDA, customer satisfaction …

Vedrai therefore wants to encourage SMEs to adopt cutting-edge tools, to reduce the risks of these companies in making decisions or certain investments. The startup wants to increase SMEs efficiency by finding the best strategy for them to achieve the objectives and by giving them a precise programming of the necessary resources, also to recover after the pandemic.

With adequate support, SMEs can therefore be successful and compete with the largest companies and make up for some structural and organizational differences that characterize big companies. The advantage is that AI technologies can be applied to any area, at any business level. By overcoming the prejudice of smaller companies on new technologies as a complex and expensive tool, structural rigidity, and the lack of propensity for innovative investments, the immense opportunities offered by AI can be seized. With adequate strategy and external support, this transition “towards the future” can take place.

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