AI in Art: What Does It Mean?

Far from being distant, the points of encounter and collaboration between art and artificial intelligence are increasingly numerous. In addition to changing the concept of who can produce art and providing new ways to practice it, artificial intelligence is indeed a new way to approach and study the aesthetic experience, making it even more engaging […]

So What About The Metaverse?

Few things have gone as viral lately as the word “metaverse”. The beginning was made by Facebook and its renaming to Meta, with Mark Zuckerberg clearly saying that the future of social media is in the metaverse, while a little later Microsoft followed with its announcements. However, the concept of the metaverse is not new, […]

The impact of drones: Flying to the Future

Drone, the common name for an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), has been around for decades since they were initially designed for military use. However, in the last decades, drones became commercially available and gained popularity, due to their manifold applications: agriculture, civil defence, energy, construction, real estate, logistics, media production and security tasks. As drones […]

CSR Between Misleading Information And Real Commitment: Some Corporate Cases of Greenwashing and Transparency

Today almost all companies boast internal CSR programs and a greater sensitivity to environmental and social issues. However, the reality of the facts is quite different, despite an undisputed generalized attention to these topics. There are virtuous examples of companies that have sustainability as part of their DNA and that are genuinely concerned about the […]

SME: Can Ai Bring Italian SME Into The Future (Vedrai)

Today, the application of AI in companies represents a strategic and competitive lever. AI in its various forms can improve the productivity and performance of companies thanks to the automation of processes and activities with lower margins of errors, also affecting economic results. AI tools are, therefore, becoming essential for companies to remain competitive. There […]

The European Chips Act: An Illusion of Tech Sovereignty?

Semiconductors, such as microchips, are one of the most essential components of the digitization process and are employed in all the electronic devices and machines we use today. Since its invention their market has grown exponentially, especially within the last decade. Revenues reached US$440 billion in 2020, and is expected to reach US$50.9 billion in […]

Microchip shortage: The cause and how it’s affecting the markets (Apple)

Chips are in nearly every electronic device humans own, phones, personal computers, cars, washing machines, toothbrushes… These parts are minimal in size, but essential from a power perspective – they can be conceived as the brain of our electronic devices. These chips are often also referred to as “semiconductors” or “microchips”; they host many transistors […]

The future of mobility is Electric

In the last few years customer all over the world have started to develop more and more awareness about the social and environmental problem that concern our Historical period. So people have really started to gain more and more interest about new sustainable alternatives and understand that the need for a more sustainable future is […]

The Digitalization of Financial Advisors: the trend of robo-advisors

Robo-advisors are digital advice platforms that provide automated, algorithm-driven investment services without any human supervision. They are often very inexpensive and require very low opening balances compared to human wealth managers. Since the technology behind robo-advisors is not new, given the fact that automated portfolio allocation existed in the early 2000s already, the innovation lies […]

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