The EVENTS division is responsible for running many of the events that make BSI a lively and dynamic association. This division leverages the rich network we have built with tech companies and entrepreneurs over the last few years. It organises events at Bocconi University and get-together initiatives involving also BSI Alumni from leading tech and consulting firms.

Beyond this, the Events divisions is also in charge of organizing periodic in Start-up and Tech Firms visits. The aim of this sub-division is to give BSI memebrs the unique opportunity to learn more about entrepreneurship, technology and the challenges of working in an innovative and fast-paced environment.


Head of Events

Lara Deniz

BSc in International Economics and Management

Michele Baretta

BSc in International Economics and Management

Matilde Dolfato

BSc in Economics and Social Sciences

Alessandro Gramaglia

MSc in Management

Giulia Pisano

BSc in International Economics and Management

Allegra Padovani

MSc in Economics and Management of Innovation and Technology

Francesco Ronconi

MSc in Accounting, Financial Management and Control

Giulia Pezzani

BSc in Mathematical and Computing Sciences for Artificial Intelligence

Stefano Santoro

BSc in Economics and Management